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Originally Posted by alexlazarevich View Post
One of the things that interests me most about this product are the "additional hits", these are Full Sized player worn and autographed NFL jersey's. All I know is what's on the sell sheet: full RC jersey's, signed, pulled as redemption's.

Does anyone know more? What's the odds? Are they of RC's only? One jersey per player? More? Has any previous product had pulls like this?
Yes. Upper Deck Authentics in, 2001, I believe was the year. 1:2 boxes was a redemption for some type of UD Authenticated item. It was freaking loaded. 16x20's of HOFers, 8x10s, helmets, footballs, jerseys... and more. I was picking up cases that worked out to $50/box at one point. Insanely great product. I still have a Peyton Manning auto'd jersey, Aikman auto'd 8x10, Montana auto'd 8x10 from those redemptions. Other stuff I had pulled was a T.Bradshaw 16x20, Terrell Davis auto'd photos (2), Dan Marino auto'd ball....

yeah, you won't see any type of value like that in a product ever again.
Will 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 be the year Panini finds Marvin Harrison & Marcus Allen to sign their NFL's Greatest Signatures cards?
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