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Default 4 Boxes of new 11/12 Certified

Hey guys I decided to crack 4 boxes of this stuff today and wanted to keep going but I actually controlled myself for once which is surprising. I am embarrassed to admit I have not had time to really look into this years rookie crop/ prospects so I have no idea at all how I did. I would love to hear your insight on whether I did ok or not. Thanks so much!

Not shown Mike Green gold /25, Rinne gold /25 and Okposo jersey /399

Kruger, Parise, Hiller and Crosby /99 Neuvirth /25

Uploaded with

This is where I have no idea but the Guance is a gold /25 and the redemption is for a prime patch auto of Parise I think???

Uploaded with

I hit two of the new rookie jersey autos

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