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Originally Posted by SpastikMooss View Post
Because I'm not a moderator

But also some of these guys are people from Ebay who aren't on the forum. We're definitely not in charge of Ebay, so we do need to warn people about those guys.

Also, some of the baddies here often move to other forums (SCF, FCB, Beckett, etc.). This list is indexed by google and so people will be able to find it with a simple google search. If someone on FCB thinks something is fishy with atrain2004, for instance, and they google that username, this list will come up and they'll see not to deal with him. In that way this list helps not just blowout members, but also members from other sites.
I understand the difference between ebay and here. As far as the things blowout does have control over, such as an atrain situation, may I humbly suggest that those people be submitted to a mod for banning ?

Thanks for your effort, it is appreciated
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