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Preordered a case locked in at $1300 through another site. Last years is still expensive as previously mentioned. Prices will go up or at least remain steady. This years class is hot. I hope that the auto jerseys are 1/1. Looks like the quotables are /25. Wasn't last year /10?
I know baseball had a Fleer product with autographed hats inside the box in the early 2000's. Also Absolute Memo. Football had the framed auto/jerseys in the boxes. Remembered pulling a Brunell I want to say 2002ish.
I am the man who sold the KB scratcher from Prospect Rush for $750 cash and $100 trade...If you want to know who, that information is available for sale, PM me

If you want my EBay ID, PM me yours and I will block you
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