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Originally Posted by geoffyb View Post
sting will never work for vince so forget that idea. the ziggler/punk match was one of the best matches in recent raw. i wish they would fire nash. all he does is cause ratings to drop. he has been horrible for wherever he goes. he delivers terrible promos and no one cares that he is there. you could hear crickets when he walked out.
People will start to care more about Nash once HHH gets back. HHH/Nash has already been confirmed for tlc, so the feud will start to get much more interesting in the coming weeks.

Sting has been rumored to be coming to WWE since that whole 2/21/11 crap, even though that was clearly for Taker. It wouldn't shock me if Sting did sign a one-fight contract with the WWE, fight Taker at WM 28 ( and possibly win), and then retire.
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