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Originally Posted by GoJays View Post
I'd think Miz would be the pothead in Awesome Truth. Having to deal with truth all week. Thatd kill me!

I'm not that sad to see R-truth suspended. He's an average at best superstar who's washed up and has been riding Miz's coattails for the past 4 months. Glad to see him gone.
ha ha good point. I don't care for Truth either. His little jimmy schtick was funny at first but it went on overkill.

I actually like Miz and think that if they loosened the chains on his mic skills he could cut a mean promo...instead of saying really and awesome all the time.

I just long for the attitude era days. Not so much having guys risking their lives but the dialogue and story lines were so much better and being a heel meant you were ruthless. When the biggest heel you have is a middle-aged woman, you got issues.
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