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Hey I'm cool man no worries here with me at all. I know the deal, I'm not going to get my team. Its ok.

Edit...why are we waiting? I just got this PM from the guy picking 14 "notsublime" just now

Originally Posted by notsublime
I wanted the Broncos. I am taking the Dolphins. If for some reason, you can trade with Clong, and you still want the Dolphins, I can trade you the Dolphins for the Broncos. I'm sorry your in this spot. It's the same stop I feel I'm in at the moment. Thanks Nate
So are we waiting so they can make a trade or what? I'm good with taking the Ravens. Lets go!

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. Don't ever worry what other people think. Damn The Hard Times. Enjoy The Good Times!

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