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Originally Posted by wscws2008 View Post
So as the year comes to an end, just wondering what was everyone's favorite wrestling moments for 2011 were?

For me they were few and far between but this year saw some of the more amazing promos/events in a long, long time.

Hands down for me were Punk's shoot promo and the Rock's return. Otherwise a somewhat lackluster year though as someone said earlier, the Ziggler/Punk match may be one of the best this year.
Yeah, I really like the whole CM Punk angle but I liked it better when he was feuding with HHH and calling out his wife. I didn't like them buddying up so quick. Of course HHH and Undertaker this year was awesome. I can't think of much else worth while. And Cena is never going to turn heel because he is too engrained in the "respect" aspect the company is working on especially as it relates to the US military. Also Rock will be gone now for a few months til WM and he'll be totally gone after that. Then the Cena sucks chants will stop.
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