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Originally Posted by wscws2008 View Post
So as the year comes to an end, just wondering what was everyone's favorite wrestling moments for 2011 were?

For me they were few and far between but this year saw some of the more amazing promos/events in a long, long time.

Hands down for me were Punk's shoot promo and the Rock's return. Otherwise a somewhat lackluster year though as someone said earlier, the Ziggler/Punk match may be one of the best this year.
It was a VERY weak year for good wrestling moments. Wrestlemania was a complete bore, summerslam was ruined by Kevin Nash, and Survivor Series did nothing to fuel the Rock/Cena feud. The highlight of the year was Friday Night Smackdown. It is now officially the better-quality wrestling show. How sad is that?

To single out an individual moment, I'd say CM Punk at mitb, or CM Punk at Survivor Series. Either one would be fine IMHO.
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