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Originally Posted by sesmarine04 View Post
Yeah, I really like the whole CM Punk angle but I liked it better when he was feuding with HHH and calling out his wife. I didn't like them buddying up so quick. Of course HHH and Undertaker this year was awesome. I can't think of much else worth while. And Cena is never going to turn heel because he is too engrained in the "respect" aspect the company is working on especially as it relates to the US military. Also Rock will be gone now for a few months til WM and he'll be totally gone after that. Then the Cena sucks chants will stop.
Unless Hulk Hogan comes back and starts calling Cena a "fake brother" and challenges him to a match at Wrestlemania 29, the Cena sucks chants will sadly stop. It's terrible what Vince has done with what used to be a very fresh and exciting superstar (Cena). Don't we remember when Cena debuted as a white rapper with (apparently) bull Buchanan? Who'd have imagined he'd become this "Be a Star", "Hustle, Loyalty, Respect", face of pg era he is today?

Boy I hope he retires/gets injured soon, because it's pretty clear Vince isn't taking any risks with the 14th best wrestler in the WWE.
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