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PAYPAL Instructions:

So, here are the paypal rules:

1. Do not put the word "break," "slot," "lot," or "spot" anywhere in your payment info!
Just say "TTT/Tier One" and your BO username.

2. Please put your BO username in the title and the description (note to seller) of your payment.

3. Please send Goods only - do NOT send as a gift.

4. Please make sure your Paypal address is correct.

5. If using paypal mobile, please message me your address.

TTT: $7.00 per spot
Tier One: $2.75 per spot

REMEMBER - This does NOT include shipping OR supplies. Those costs will be added at the end for everyone who won. If you did not hit anything, you do not owe anything more!

Please send paypal payment to: TTT T1 Paypal Instructions.txt

The sooner we pay, the sooner we can random!

If enough people pay by tomorrow at noon, we can get these shipped then. Otherwise we will have to wait until the 28th.

Payment Deadline is Sunday the 27th at noon EST.

armyatc22 (1) TIER ONE
armyatc22 (1) TTT
Axeldog15 (2) TTT
Axeldog15 (5) TIER ONE
Bjsportscards77 (5) TTT
bryun (4) TIER ONE
bziddy (13) TIER ONE
Cardman123 (4) TTT
chrismgiroux (6) TTT
chrismgiroux (24) TIER ONE
Cubsbball25 (9) TIER ONE
dab282 (6) TTT
dab282 (16) TIER ONE
dachman (1) TIER ONE
dachman (1) TTT
frankie22briguy (3) TIER ONE
frankie22briguy (3) TTT
gergs1134 (6) TTT
gergs1134 (16) TIER ONE
Gohansmy (3) TTT
Gohansmy (7) TIER ONE
gr33d (3) TIER ONE
gr33d (3) TTT
graham (12) TIER ONE
Harris2033 (2) TTT
Harris2033 (8) TIER ONE
hester72598 (3) TTT
hmmdecloth (10) TTT
hmmdecloth (24) TIER ONE
JohnnyBeGood (2) TTT
JohnnyBeGood (4) TIER ONE
joserobles (6) TIER ONE
Karnage (4) TTT
Karnage (12) TIER ONE
lindros810 (8) TIER ONE
lnaminshall (6) TTT
lnaminshall (10) TIER ONE
Meat (3) TTT
mgugs46 (36) TIER ONE
Mike Yoder (10) TIER ONE
Mike Yoder (12) TTT
mmondayjr (3) TTT
mmondayjr (11) TIER ONE
navydude21 (2) TTT
nbalinks (2) TTT
nbalinks (7) TIER ONE
Noahkalifungo (2) TTT
Noahkalifungo (6) TIER ONE
Nodie27 (3) TIER ONE
Pacerjones20 (2) TTT
padsfan10 (8) TTT
padsfan10 (10) TIER ONE
pico04 (6) TIER ONE
Prospect_Man (5) TIER ONE
Reid n Owen (4) TTT
Reid n Owen (12) TIER ONE
samoan3d (2) TIER ONE
samoan3d (2) TTT
SethMurphy (11) TIER ONE
shika (4) TTT
shika (6) TIER ONE
skillovermyluck (4) TIER ONE
sox4life (1) TTT
sox4life (6) TIER ONE
Soxwin05 (2) TIER ONE
Soxwin05 (2) TTT
sportsamerica (12) TIER ONE
The700Level (1) TIER ONE
The700Level (1) TTT
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