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Well I hope they don't stop booing. CM Punk may be the one to keep the boos coming. Granted I am biased with Punk because of the whole Chicago connection and that all of his apparel is basically the Chicago flag in different colors, but I think Punk can get bigger than Cena...maybe not with the kiddies or the ladies. But as sesmarine mentioned, they could have done much more with Punk and HHH.

Cena could just be a tremendous heel with his mic skills and his intensity. He just comes off as sooo...goody goody it makes me turn the channel. It was a huge risk to have Hogan turn heel but it was one of the most amazing turn of events in wrestling history and WCW profited like crazy from it with merchandising and tv revenue. Plus whoever is the heir to the Hendrix estate probably made some good cash with a voodoo child resurgence.

Just wishful thinking. I would love to be a WWE writer if it wasn't for the politics.
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