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Originally Posted by pskell02 View Post
Not going to happen.

I'm still not sold on Gonzaga. Who have they played and beat that was actually worth a damn? Tennessee? They got their doors blown off by Memphis, who I think is terribly overrated. They played a good game agains UConn taking it into OT. I don't put much stock in wins over St. Mary's. They play in a bad league. Put them in just about any other league and I think they would be a sub .500 team.

Saying that, I don't expect them to go far.
Beat the following NCAA teams: OK St, Maryland, Tennesseex2,
Also played: Memphis, Zona, P.State, Utah
Sounds like a damn good schedule to me. And all these critics with Memphis crack me up. They said the same thing last year and look where they went. They will be in the Final 4 mark my words on that one.
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