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Originally Posted by wolffer12 View Post
Beat the following NCAA teams: OK St, Maryland, Tennesseex2,
Also played: Memphis, Zona, P.State, Utah
Sounds like a damn good schedule to me. And all these critics with Memphis crack me up. They said the same thing last year and look where they went. They will be in the Final 4 mark my words on that one.
Even so, I'm just not convinced that Gonzaga is as good a team as everyone thinks. They lost to Portland St. and Utah. A 4 seed should not lose to either of those teams, regardless if they made the tourney or not.

The Memphis team this year is nothing like the team from last year. That team was my pick to win the title. They have played 5 games against tourney teams this year if I counted correctly. They lost to the only 2 teams (Syracuse and Xavier) that I think have a chance of winning multiple games.
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