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Originally Posted by jmarascojr View Post
I guess I'm wondering why so many people WANT it to be Sting....

He's 50+ years old, he doesn't wrestle like late 90s Sting anymore....

He comes in for one match vs Undertaker and then what, leaves?
If anything, it makes the result more obvious because Vince would never bring in someone from WCW for one match to end Takers streak, Taker I highly doubt would allow it either...

Least in the years past, there was the outside chance that Triple H or Shawn Michaels MIGHT do it, but Taker and Vince both have respect for those guys...
I know the reason I want to see Sting is because he is (debatably) the best wrestler ever, and for sure the best to never wrestle for Vince. A Sting/Taker match would be so popular because both Sting and Undertaker shot to fame around the exact same time, and have been known to have (similar) dark, mysterious characters.

I think we all know there is no chance of Sting ending the streak, but we all want to believe there is ( because he is the better wrestler).
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