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Originally Posted by VikingsAllDay View Post
i got some questions can some one help me?

can you get all ur boxes at once that you want like 07 limted 08 limited and like 08 chrome together?

will everything be avalibe on or do i gotta by them on ebay
I have no idea of their format.....usually for the unbelievable deals.....they were listed on ebay. For the middle of the road deals, they were on the site......after 6pm they had all of the smaller deals listed under weekend deals......for example, I think the limited will most definitely be on ebay, while the 09 SPA and such will be website deals......all of the others 07 Absolute etc may be after 6pm where they are readily available for everyone with many available......this is just my theory. I am hoping they have other AMAZING deals like the leaf limited, but I can only hope. I have heard rumors that some boxes may be 80% off as well.......we shall see what other box deals they are hiding until tomorrow!
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