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Default 3 Unreal boxes of Certified and 1 09-10 ITG 1972, a 1/1 Emblem and a JSY# AU RC.....

Hey all,

LCS called to let me know about the Panini Black Friday promotion and how they had some hockey leftovers available so I decided to take a swing down there. Had 3 Boxes of Certified, Figured I try one. WOW, one turned into 3 and a box of 1972 but each was pretty incredible. Starting from worst box to first....

Certified box 3:

Fabric of the Game /399:

Backstrom (wild)

Mirror Blue Ice Jersey /99:


Freshman Signatures:


Freshman Fabric Signatures /499:

Johansen, VERY Sweet for this Winterhawks fan.

Certified Box #2

Fabric of the Game /399:

M. Staal

Mirror Blue Ice Jsy /99:

E Staal.

FOTG NHL Die Cut /25:


Freshman Signatures Emerald /5:

Wiercioch (4/5)

Big Pulls /10 RED:

R. Miller

09-10 ITG 1972:



Emblem Gold 1/1!!!:

Boris Mikhailov (Awesome 2 Color Emblem from a team Russia Jersey!!)

and the Best of the 4....

Certified Box #1

Fabric of the Game /399:


FOTG NHL Die Cut /25:


Freshman Signatures:


and the HUGE pull of the day....

Freshman Fabrics Auto JSY RC /499, #93/499.....

Ryan Nugent Hopkins

Was so stoked to pull this, then when I looked and saw it was 93/499 It was fist bumps all around!

Only Notables for the Black Friday packs were football, Cam Newton and Terrele Pryor Elite RC's /999, Which I Gladly Traded for an RNH Black Friday.

Looking for Milan Lucic and Terry O'Reilly.
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