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I'm very happy with what I ended up with, and I really appreciate blowout doing this, I got boxes of stuff I like, not at a steal, but at prices that are typically lower than the regular weekend blowout deals. I watched most of the day, but never pulled the trigger until the weekend specials, I got quite a few of the Regular Black Friday Deals still. I never really tried hard for the "Super Black Friday Deals". I really wish they could shorten it up a bit, and find some godforsaken way to keep the website up. I will be back next year, but I will have to gamble and just wait for the Weekend specials at the end of the day. The slowness, and website outages just aren't worth it anymore. Isn't our time worth something? Thanks again blowout, you are my favorite, and I am a customer all year, not just this weekend. (Well that was Therapeutic) :-)
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