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Originally Posted by VinnyH View Post
I enjoyed the challenge and anticipation of BO's Black Friday event. It helps that I've been through it before. I can understand how some people got ticked off by slowness and outages if they were new to it. That's the one thing I think BO will always be working on to improve.

The interesting thing to me is that a certain amount of madness is part of any Black Friday event. I chose not to go hours early to the local Walmart, wait in line, and take a chance at a Playstation 3 for $199. If I did and lost out on one because someone cut down a closer isle than me or they ran out as I was next in line I think I'd understand that's part of the game.

I missed on a couple of the hotter single boxes but got lucky that they started with a case I wanted, the 2008 Razor Signatures. The mix of items from Webkidz to football was indicative of BO's stock.

It seems some people thought everything they wanted should have been put in a neat pile waiting for them to easily purchase in the first minutes of the event. That would have been boring, wonderful for them, but boring.

Hopefully no one broke something in their house when ticked off by an empty cart or sold out item. Hopefully my wife and everyone else's partners realized it's just one day of madness in our collectible lives. Hopefully I'll get some sleep finally after hanging out with unknown, unseen knuckleheads like myself trying to buy things others just can't understand why anyone would want them.

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They have more if you want:
2008 Razor Signature Series Baseball 10 Box Case - $299.90 : Blowout Cards - Sports Cards and Trading Cards Wholesale Online Store
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