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Default 2 Boxes 07 SP - xmas came early!

Went down to the card store today (kinda in that giving mood So I gave up some dough for the 1st box from the newly arrived SP Authentic. Pulled the Tulowitzki (redeemed at store...hopefully it comes soon) Auto and the LaRouche.

So wife's asking what do I want in my stocking....give her ideas, she's thinking 1/2 box of Classics and Gridiron FB...I suggest Box of SP and I'll pay the done On the way home, she admits to be slightly bummed she didnt pull either Letter Auto at the store. Put on some charm, add a little well no bodies got this speech, and its agreed I can open when we get home. Searched the packs to find what I thought might be the 2 letter auto's...she pulled the Putnam RC Auto and mine had the Fielder Auto (/10)...any ideas on price? One on the Bay for 324...listed mine at 299 or BO...think I'm to high?

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