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Default The 2nd Annual Griswold/Rinkwraith Hockey Contest main page

It's that time, Christmas time is here, join us then for a Griswold/Rinkwraith contest....

It's time once again to find some special hockey items under your tree this year just for being part of this wonderful community. There will be different contests over the next couple weeks. Each individual entry for each contest will be randomed at to determine a winner. The individual winners will then be listed out and randomed with the prize list to determine who gets what at the end.

I'm going to reveal prizes slowly over the duration of the contests but let's start with one that'll be sure to catch everyone's attention;

Since Santa covers the entire world in just one night, how about we put the entire world under your tree;

A full box of ITG Canada v. The World!!!!!!! 2 autos and 4 memorabilia in every box!!!

Winners, prizes and links to the contests will be listed here for the final drawing;


#1) Griswold/Rinkwraith Entry #1 contest complete
2) Griswold/Rinkwraith Contest Entry #2 complete
3) Griswold/Rinkwraith Contest Entry #3complete
#4 and 5)Griswold/Rinkwraith Contest Entries #4 and #5complete
#6)Griswold/ Rinkwraith Contest Entry #6 - PapaJim editioncomplete
#7 and 8)Rinkwraith/Griswold contest final two entries!!! complete
#9)Rinkwraith/Griswold contest entry #8complete

Yankees Pride


ITG Canada v. The World box
Famous Fabrics Hockey Ink box
10/11 Score all goalies set
Marc Staal auto puck (courtesy of Kings)
11/12 Score hobby box
10/11 ITG Enshrined Michel Goulet auto
10/11 ITG Enshrined Classmates A.James/D. Cicarrelli dual jersey card
Don Cherry auto
6 Young Guns from 11/12 including Schiefele
Martin Brodeur PSA cert auto

Check back soon as the first contests will start this week. Good luck everyone and have a terrific holiday season!!

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