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I love the on card autos... No redemptions and the mix of Athletes...

Box topper thing is very cool and adds value also..

But the product does need to make some small changes to add value... IMO

The base and minis are always great... There is just no huge value to them...

I would love to see dual triple autos.... Jumbo logo patches?

I also love the idea of the painting cards... Will they be inserts or will all the base cards be paintings like goodwin presidents? Making them chase cards like in goodwin would help a ton.....

The people who love the product will always love it no matter what....

But the majority are bothered as i can tell on this site... When you pay 60-70 dollars for a pack and you get 2 jersey cards and a auto of a body builder...

To bring it to the masses added value is needed... But my guess it is made this way for the hard core sports king collector and not for the masses.... which is fine also..
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