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Originally Posted by 15ncounting View Post
I'm still a couple cards short - i guess thats what makes it a bit fun.. well, not that

I ventured into other cards (03 exquisite) I have an almost complete gold /25 set im trying to finish. But other than that, still looking for my dream card! I think you know what it is..

I'm glad you ventured into quality over quantity.. You have some really quality ones I want - hehehe..

I might just get into PSA top fifty rookies --

BTW, I hear ya on those 90's inserts stuff going on...
Yeah man he keeps us busy... haha Don't worry, the two will show up, it's all a matter of time.

Oh wow, 03 Exquisite is a great set chase!! Very nice Yeah I know what you're after but i'd rather not say... Always good keeping little secrets here and there haaaa

Yeah I was at that point where I was getting so tired of having cards everywhere and wasn't really happy with a lot of them... so it was either this, or stop collecting, which will probably never happen.

Oh cool. I have dabbled a bit in top 50 rookies, but very few. Slowly but surely... lol Please feel free to show them here! I need to get some scans together.

HAHA, thanks! Oh no, you're following the Jordan 90's inserts They get on my damn nerves when they either protect those guys or pretend to play dumb... haha

I'm going to send you a PM...
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