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Originally Posted by mnvikingstwins View Post
Is the consensus that Riley is Miz's next target? Time to go back to the old points swept under the rug once more. When does Big Andy if ever appear on WWE TV? Who was the anonymous Raw GM? What was the Nexus' bigger purpose?
I hope we never have to get tortured by another Miz-Riley match ever again. The Miz is on the rise for the first time in a while, and a 3-week feud with A-Ry would not help his main-event status.

My best guess is that Big Andy will probably debut either at the Royal Rumble or after wrestlemania. I hope we get to see him soon. He would be a great addition to a weak Raw roster.

Anonymous RAW GM, along with The Nexus, could perhaps be brought back soon. John Laurinaitis will probably be gone soon, and I highly doubt Triple H will be brought back. Wade Barrett is looking very good on Smackdown, which could lead to a Nexus comeback now that Barrett and some other former nexus members are looking better and better in-ring. We may find out who the anonymous GM is soon, along with what the nexus' main purpose was.
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