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Originally Posted by sesmarine04 View Post
Predictions for tomorrow night? suck like always? lol
Here's my prediction: John Cena will come out and get cheered and booed a little (as usual by those crappy crowds outside of the northeast), mention some hall of famers, call out a heel, fight him (and win, because let's face it, it's absolutely impossible for a superhuman such as Cena to lose. I mean, he's like a god, right guys? He is the only man in world history to get the living crap beat out of him for 10 minutes straight, yet somehow come back and end up winning the match, yet his opponent ends up completely crippled after an obviously unpainful finisher.), and end the night with everyone in the building chanting "let's go Cena". But then another higher up heel will come out and mention The Rock and insult Cena. He will then go on to beat the crap out Cena. But Cena will come back and start punching the heel. He will then hit a five-knuckle shuffle, and go on to hit an attitude adjustment, which will somehow cripple the guy. This will set up a similar situation next week, which will lead to a match at TLC, where Cena will "overcome the odds" and defeat him. Cena will then win the WWE championship over Alberto Del Rio (because lets face it, Vince will be the idiot he is and have punk lose), preach about "hustle,loyalty, and respect", talk about how he's overcome the rock, beat the rock at wrestlemania, and ride off into the sunset while we idiots still call for a heel turn.

As you can see, I'm not very optomistic about the wwe's future.
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