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Default Baseball Club #1 New Beginning

Current rules (subject to revisions and additions, I did tweak #2):

Cost: Variable per break

1. Products will be proposed and chosen by members.

* Products can come from previous years.
* Club has chosen to proceed with High End Products Only

2. Unclaimed teams will be auctioned off prior to each break. One silent bid can be placed per owner per available team. Highest bid will be $1 greater than the 2nd highest bid. (for instance if I bid $25, swerve bids $22 and mgugs bids $32, mgugs will only have to pay $26) Auction proceeds will go towards future breaks.

3. Unclaimed teams can be purchased pending club approval.

4. Non-sport items or cards with no affiliation (USA) will be assigned at random. A random list will be delevoped once applicable.
Once a member has received a random item, their name cannot be involved in a random until all members have received a random item.

5. Cards with multiple teams. These will be randomed off among the teams shown on the card. IF, during the same break, an identical card is pulled (identical meaning same set, same level of serial number such as xx/99) then it will go to the other team meaning both teams will get a copy. If the card is a different level ( one xx/99 and one xx/49) both versions would be subject to random. If mgugs is involved a non-interested party will conduct the randomization.

6. Cards will be distributed to the team that is named on the card at the time the product was produced.

7+ Additional rules as they arise.

January 2011 Topps Finest
February 2012 Topps Series 1 Jumbo
March 2012 Topps Heritage
April 2012 Gypsy Queen
May 2012 Bowman
June 2012 Museum Collection
July 2012 Skip (but pay)
August 2012 Finest
September 2012 Topps Triple Threads
October 2012 Bowman Chrome
November 2012 Bowman Draft
December 2012 Five Star and 1 box 2012 Tribute
Team/Owner-(bold is not pd for December)-

Nationals - Rambel
Yankees- upsbroker
Red Sox - mgugs46
SF Giants - mwolfson22
Phillies - mgugs
Braves - gergs1134
Tigers - iluvfish2
Dodgers - Friarg
Mariners- chittychitty84
LA Angels- Friarg
NY Mets- MikeYoder
Orioles- sportsamerica
Rangers- Rambel
Cardinals- chittychitty84
Brewers- trubear

Unclaimed Teams:

White Sox
Blue Jays

So, here are the paypal rules:

1. Do not put the word "break," "slot," "lot," or "spot" anywhere in your payment info!
Just say "Baseball Club" and your BO username.

2. Please put your BO username in the title and the description (note to seller) of your payment.

3. Please send Goods only - do NOT send as a gift.

4. Please make sure your Paypal address is correct.

5. My paypal address is

Random list for nonaffiliated hits:

Orioles- sportsamerica
LA Angels- Friarg
Tigers - iluvfish2
Nationals - Rambel
NY Mets- MikeYoder
Yankees - upsbroker06
Braves - gergs1134
Red Sox - mgugs46
Mariners- chittychitty84
SF Giants - mwolfson22
Pirates- Adamchuk
Rangers- Rambel
Phillies - mgugs
Dodgers- Friarg
Cardinals- chittychitty84

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