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Originally Posted by henacypimo View Post
Well, if you put them in the way I do, (RB - ???, QB - ???, WR - ???), kind of hard to argue the order/outcome. It is common sense a RB or WR is not going to have the most passing yards, and it is hard to believe a QB will have the most rushing yards even with Newton and Tebow out there. Quit trying to buck the system. Good luck next week, since I know Ponder was not anyones choice.
I think what they are getting at is that the rules don't say

1. RB with most rushing yards
2. QB with most Passing yards
3. WR with most Receiving yards

It says PLAYER with most rushing, passing, receiving

So people who have a QB in slot 1 are saying that player will have the most rushing yards. Now will blowout ding anyone about having them out of order? Probably not BUT they do have every right to since they have an example made up to use.

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