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Default 2012 HRHC Monthly Group Break (club #2)

Alright guys, here it is. A shiny new thread for 2012's proceedings in the Home Run Hit Club. A huge thank you to Marvin for doing such a great job in 2011!

This is a $45/month buy-in. Ideally, you commit for a year. If you drop out for a month, you lose out on your team. I'm not as nice as Marvin, and I don't have $90 to spot you for 2 months.

I will be breaking every month unless we decide to combine or something like that. Our current monthly budget is $945 with the 17 members that hold 21 committed teams.
Here's the members list as of 5/19/12
Rangers82 - Rangers
hmmdecloth - Phillies
peafour - Cubs
houdini - Rays & Cardinals
Tyler - Yankees
oreo2004 - Twins
upsbroker06 - Reds
Anderdale - Braves
trubear - Brewers
Reid n Owen - Mets & Nationals
dimer10 - Red Sox
yanksbillsfan - Mariners & Marlins
dlab85 - Giants
skate81 - Royals & Dodgers
thekid1 - Tigers
steelpen2 - Pirates (March and beyond)
Riversoule - Angels (May and beyond)

The unclaimed teams as of 5/19/12 are:
White Sox
Blue Jays

Backup list:
skate81 - Mets
upsbroker06 - Yankees (good luck!)
troybuilts - Red Sox
VThokie22 - Braves
Please see the payments chart at the bottom for payment deadlines (they are located next to the month). If you'd like to pay a few months in advance, go for it.

Auctions for unclaimed teams will be held monthly, usually 5 days before the payment deadline. The minimum bid is $10. It is your responsibility to review the checklist to make sure the team you're bidding on has cards in the set. If someone decides to pick up an unclaimed team in the middle of they year, they are more than welcome to do so. But remember, that team becomes yours through the end of the year.

Misc. info and rules

The Paypal address we will be using for this break is
Do NOT send Paypal gift. Paypal knows that no one likes me enough to just up and give me money.

Quick link to subscribe to this thread (very important, especially if you aren't on here frequently) <------- do this

Here's a permanent link for the UStream feed: linuxabuser on USTREAM: Tyler's Group Breaks.

Multiple team cards will be randomed between the teams present on the card. If someone owns two teams present on a 3 way auto, then they get 2 entries in the random.

Cards will go to the team that the player(s) is depicted in on the front of the card. (If Rickey Henderson is in an A's uni and the card says that he's on the Padres, and on the back it has a stat line from his Yankees days, then the card still goes to the A's)

USA/WBC and others like that will be randomed between all teams. If you hold 4 teams, then you get 4 entries.

My default will be to ship your cards after every break unless you tell me otherwise. I can also ship the hits and hold the base until you request it. Hits will always be sent in sleeve/top-loader/team bags. Base cards will be sent double boxed. Most of you have dealt with me and know how I ship so I don't expect any issues on that

If some teams go without bids, then the cards are included for whoever wins the following month's bid for that team.

No whining.

Have fun!

Rangers82; hmmdecloth; peafour; houdini; oreo2004; upsbroker06; Anderdale; trubear; Reid n Owen; dimer10; yanksbillsfan; dlab85; riversoule; skate81; thekid1; steelpen2
This list is just for easy PM'ing purposes.

January product to be broken:
2011 Topps Finest 8 box Hobby case
($599.00) PAID 1/13

February product to be broken:

2010 Bowman Platinum 12 box Hobby case $894.00

March product to be broken:

2012 Topps Tribute 4 box Hobby case ($1149.95) $200 Deposit paid 1/13 $949.95 remaining

April product to be broken:

2012 Topps Gypsy Queen 10 box Hobby case ($999.95)

May product to be broken:
2012 Topps Archives 10 box Hobby case ($839.95)

June product to be broken:
2012 Topps Tier One 6 box Hobby case ($523.95)

Paid list:
Member Name      Team(s) Held    Jan 1/15    Feb 2/10    Mar 3/10    Apr 4/15    May 5/20    Jun6/??    Jul 7/??    Aug 8/??    Sep 9/??    Oct 10/??    Nov 11/??    Dec 12/??
Rangers82        Rangers         x           x           x           x           x           x                                            
hmmdecloth       Phillies        x           x           x           x           x           x                                            
peafour          Cubs            x           x           x           x           x           x                                    
houdini          Rays & Cards    x           x           x           x           x           x                                            
Tyler            Yankees         x           x           x           x           x           x                                        
oreo2004         Twins           x           x           x           x           x           x                                            
upsbroker06      Reds            x           x           x           x           x                                            
Anderdale        Braves          x           x           x           x           x           x                             
trubear          Brewers         x           x           x           x           x           x                                          
Reid n Owen      Mets & Nats     x           x           x           x           x           x                                            
dimer10          Red Sox         x           x           x           x           x                                            
yanksbillsfan    M's Marlins     x           x           x           x           x           x                                        
dlab85           Giants          x           x           x           x           x           x                                                                                                                                               
Skate81          Royals Dodgers  x           x           x           x           x           x                                      
thekid1          Tigers          x           x           x           x           x           x                                      
steelpen2        Pirates                                |x           x           x           x
Riversoule       Angels                                                         |x

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