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Originally Posted by MasterOfTheDark View Post
The basketballs are just a kid toy. It's like asking what the significance of the desk is.

As to the little girl, they've been used for a very long time with 'Taker videos. Here's one of the more recent ones:

WWE Unforgiven 2007 Undertaker RETURN - YouTube

Sting? Man, let it go. Especially if you like Sting. To see him show up and lose to 'Taker at 'Mania certainly wouldn't help his legacy any. Would help 'Taker's of course, but it does nothing for Sting other than get him a big payday.

Now for what was mentioned that is interesting....

DX? Hmm.... Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Steph, Shane, Vince, X-Pac?

Triple H is there.
Vince is there.
Steph could definitely be there weekly.
X-Pac is a free agent and available.
Shane could do special appearances (pay-per-views) for his father's company, which of course he and Steph would inherit down the road.
Shawn is certainly available on a "special occasion" if he'd be willing to come out of retirement...

Now if all this "evil" stuff is simply DX coming back (in any form) to simply

take over the WWE (think evil Mr. McMahon, but as a group), then I could see them trying that storyline. It's doubtful, but not as far-fetched as some of the other stuff I'm hearing as possibilities.

Heard Batista's name surface. If he could put on an even bigger mean streak, get stone cold (no pun intended) and leave a path of destruction behind him, this would fit too.

Heard 'Taker won't be back until after the Rumble. Just a rumor of course, but if it is true, then I will be severely disappointed if all this stuff actually turns out to be for Jericho. Give us the swerve where babyface funny Jericho pops out "from the shadows" (so-to-speak) and it could work, otherwise it will be terrible.
My belief in Sting returning is similar to a child's belief in Santa Claus: if you wish and believe hard enough, he'll come .

I don't see dx coming back, especially being that HHH is already in a feud with Nash and michaels is filming his (pointless) tv show. I really only see a couple options available:

1. Chris Jericho (probably the most likely)
2. Undertaker ( probably the worst one available)
3. Shane and Steph/Vince (a McMahon )
4. Kharma (wouldn't it be awesome?!)
5. New World Order/Kliq (probably the one that makes the most sense)

Here's the situation I hope happens:

We see the complete heel turn of Michael Cole, which would mean the return of the greatest creation in WWE history, THE COLE MINE! What a massive kick to the groin that would be .
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