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Originally Posted by GoJays View Post
My belief in Sting returning is similar to a child's belief in Santa Claus: if you wish and believe hard enough, he'll come .

I don't see dx coming back, especially being that HHH is already in a feud with Nash and michaels is filming his (pointless) tv show. I really only see a couple options available:

1. Chris Jericho (probably the most likely)
2. Undertaker ( probably the worst one available)
3. Shane and Steph/Vince (a McMahon )
4. Kharma (wouldn't it be awesome?!)
5. New World Order/Kliq (probably the one that makes the most sense)

Here's the situation I hope happens:

We see the complete heel turn of Michael Cole, which would mean the return of the greatest creation in WWE history, THE COLE MINE! What a massive kick to the groin that would be .
Still seems odd to me to root for it to be Sting, only to have him lose. But it's cool.

Kharma is interesting, but the videos said "he", and I don't believe she's due to have the baby until February, so it won't be her. Also after watching them all again, it sure seems like it is one person, not a group. Which puts us back to Jericho or 'Taker. These promos do not match up for Jericho and 'Taker is rumored to not be back until after the Rumble. Weirdness.
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