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Originally Posted by houdini View Post
Dachman, I think you should charge more for shipping. With 12 participants you are going to be shipping a box of cards per person on average. You cannot ship a case of cards to 12 different people for $24.00. You see? Just my advice bro.
I totally forgot to add an addendum for those who pick the base or refractor lots. Since these are rather large, there will be an additional shipping cost to those who pick them. Don't want everyone to have to pay extra .

Originally Posted by Prospect_Man View Post
#5 ALL the base is one draftable slot, or a box worth? either way im in
The entire case worth. That was it should have some decent value to it!

Originally Posted by Major_League View Post
Still on since its $684.95 again?
I'll email Danny and ask him if we can get this price if the break goes active. I'm guessing we can since BO is awesome like that!

Originally Posted by texgator View Post
Aren't there usually 14 autos per case....2 bonus USA autos? I would also think you should do a slot for base/refractors per box and then make each colored refractor an extra, draftable hit of it's own.
That's where the snake draft comes in. There will be much more than 12 hits so each person gets to make multiple picks. My goal with this is that each user can basically draft what a box would yield on it's own with the chances of being able to pick some of the best hits in the case.

I also added an example to the OP. Hopefully my idea makes more sense now!
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