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WOW, is all I have to say to this list. The only thing your doing by putting innocent people on this list is hurting yourself. I have had over 100k in buys and sales on Ebay. I have over 722 positive feedbacks with 0 neutral 0 negatives. I have never had neutral nor negative in my entire career and I have had 100% satisfaction with all my products. I dont understand how it is so easy to defame ones name without reason. This should be illegal and considered slander. I am going to do some investigation on this. Please take my name off the list unless you have valid reasoning. For the people who cut and paste all these names, your selling yourself short becuase a lot of these people are honest buyers/sellers and you will never have the chance to know because this pre conceived notion that some dirt ball posted.

Please block ifish73. Very rude person.
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