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I always wanted to be involved in one of these on-line pissing matches!

Originally Posted by badbeatkking View Post
This was the exact message from ifish73. Just to show proof of his attitude.

"Why don't you take your own advice.

First: it is said many times in this list that it is a compilation of what everyone on the Blowout community had.

Second: any time someone asked why they were on the list, I would check their feedback and usually removed them.

Third: read the entire thread! My list only has two people on it. I only took the time to alphabetize the list and re-post it.

Fourth: I no longer handle the thread. It pretty much is handled by whoever takes the time to re-sort the list.

Lastly, check your grammar when you send a message. It goes a lot further.

P.S. you and your uncle can go pound sand."
He forgot to put his message to me:

If your going to put a list up, why dont you have some knowledge of what your posting. Any random person could type lies about other people purely in spite. That is why if your going to take responsibility for this thread you have to do the investigation of whether the "persons" actions warrants a spot on the list. Any logical adult would not slander thousands of peoples names without a formal base of investigation. This has to be slander and illegal. I am contacting my uncle who happens to be a lawyer to further investigate. Some people make a living from being honest ebayers and for some random list to pop up could really have a negative effect on their actual LIFE. Think before you type!
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