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Personally, I like a concise list of the main hits with scans. I will gladly watch a video if the post peaks my interests though.

I believe firmly that any videos should be embedded instead of linked. An embedded video keeps the traffic at blowout whereas a link merely filters the traffic to another site.

What I am wholeheartedly AGAINST though is a rule that says you have to type out your break. Not that I don't type out my breaks and include some scans, but if I am writing about a 12 case break - then the only way I am going to be able to display all the hits is through a video.

I hate a break that is nothing more than a link to a video - and there should be a linking guideline against that because it does nothing but filter traffic to another site - but there should never be a rule that a breaker has to type out his break (with or without a video).

Originally Posted by mwheeler27 View Post
If a box breaker wants news of his pull to reach the greatest number of people, typing the results will accomplish this more than "video only".
Actually, that is wrong. Given just an option between the two, videos get more traffic. I love blowout - and they have some serious traffic - but who can compete with youtube?
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