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Originally Posted by badbeatkking View Post
That was exactly what I did. I did further investigation and many of these people on this list happen to be very trustworthy honest Ebayers! My uncle said there was pretty much nothing any of the people on the list could do about it besides continue to provide great service. As I said in the other message, after you sent me a message on grammar in which we will leave private, I STATED THAT THE LIST IS VERY MUCH NEEDED! But you cannot throw random names up on a list if you have not verified that they have actually provided less than acceptable service. You know what I mean?
Obviously no one cares. Like I said in PM's to you I do not handle this list so contact the ones who do.

If it makes you feel any better I checked your ebay feedback and it is 100% so will the people who handle this list pretty please take his name off of it.
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