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Originally Posted by frankferry View Post
Well we temporarily put blowout out of stock of 2011 bowman chrome. Does anyone know exactly how many cases they made this year. I know they stated that they made approximately %50 of what they made last year so its a shorter print run so im assuming around 5,000 cases. Also does anyone know how many cases were broken into ? I'm assuming about %40-%50.

I'm just wondering because I've been breaking cases of this myself and we already did a 4 case break and now we're doing another 5 case break.. I'm trying to calculate the odds of us hitting something sick like a harper superfractor auto'd or non auto'd or like the harper canary. There is tons of of superfractors and canarys that havent been pulled yet so I think we have a good chance of hitting big. But then again there is no guarantee but I'd still like to calculate the odds.

I'm really excited with this break and I'm suprised it didnt fill up sooner considering most of the big hits $500+ are still out there and the monsters are still out there $2000+++
if we blindly assumed there were 2500 cases left, and 3 Harper Superfractors/Canaries to be pulled our odds with 5 cases would be...

1 in 166.67

Thats like picking red or black on roulette and getting it right 7 times in a row, or like picking a number between 1 and 166 and guessing it right off the bat...
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