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Originally Posted by fitch123 View Post
if we blindly assumed there were 2500 cases left, and 3 Harper Superfractors/Canaries to be pulled our odds with 5 cases would be...

1 in 166.67

Thats like picking red or black on roulette and getting it right 7 times in a row, or like picking a number between 1 and 166 and guessing it right off the bat...
Originally Posted by TxRangersfan View Post
"So you're saying there's a chance"
Well if ya add in the other superfractors auto'd / non auto'd / canarys of the good players that still havent been pulled - our odds would greatly increase to about 1:10

I just hope the cases B.O. is sending me are similar to the ones in the last break where will pulled 1 harper ref auto , 2 harper base autos , gold turner au , orange hicks au

It's possible to do that but unlikely.. For some reason im expecting 1 monster hit and some average stuff , at least 1 harper base auto ( we better pull at least 1 harper base au lol )
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