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I'd say that as time goes on, the prospects of monster hits goes up.

Haven't heard of anyone pulling the Lawrie/Hosmer/Harper auto'd supers, the non-auto'd supers, or various reds of those guys.

Topps isn't known for their collation skills. It wouldn't surprise me to see one distributor wind up with a few hot cases.

I have seen a ton of Harper autos on the market though, I wonder what percent of those have already been pulled. I'd say more of a % of Harper autos have been pulled than % of potential cases.

I wouldn't mind picking up an extra slot or two if people can't pay, btw.

One day someone will scour eBay and keep a running tally of "what's left" in situations like this, i.e. 4 of 5 Hosmer red autos remain, 1 of 5 Hosmer base refs remain, etc.. and then use that to calculate readjusted risk on outstanding cases.
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