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Default 2008/09 ITG Between the Pipes Group Break

I'd like to run the group break. Several of you have participated in the Cup and Ultimate Memorabilia breaks that I've done and I try to do quality work. Here's what I'm thinking for ITG, BTP. Would break a 12 box case...

Payment could be made to - MARK AS GOODS AND INCLUDE ADDRESS!

Configuration: 12 boxes per case. 24 packs per box. 4 cards per pack.

We're pulling out all the STOPS to make the 2008-09 Between The Pipes the best goalie set ever.

We start with the 100-card base set featuring four redesigned subsets. Future Stars features the hottest young goaltenders from the AHL, CHL and international play. There must be some future Vezina Trophy winners in this group. Today's greatest netminders are a part of the Stars of the Game collection. Some of these great goalies began as a Future Star in Between The Pipes and are now at the top of collector lists. No one honours retired players like In The Game. The Greats of the Game subset pays homage to the net superstars of yesterday. The fourth subset addresses the fascination that collectors have with the World Hockey Association. Rival League honours the WHA's place in history – adding more unique players to a hockey fan's personal collection.

Between The Pipes is the only trading card release that can quench collectors thirst for goalie autographs. With a completely separate design from the base cards, Between The Pipes spares no expense in bringing you the most complete goalie autograph collection on the planet. From the rising stars to the current superstars, from the greats of the past to the rare WHA signatures, nothing comes close to Between The Pipes GoalieGraph cards. Seeded at a rate of 1:16 packs, they are highly collectible and will be on many want lists.

Not only does Between The Pipes have the most comprehensive collection of goalie autographs, it is also the runaway leader in game-used memorabilia cards.

Collectors love the usual returning favourites like Game-used Jersey, Emblem and Number (look for autograph versions as well) along with Complete Jersey and Complete Logo. Now, they can look forward to new sets with colossal pieces that will be found in Super-Sized Pads and Super Glove. Roots is a new insert set, it is a tribute to goalies who played many seasons ago featuring the greatest collection of vintage memorabilia anywhere.

The odds of pulling a Game-Used Memorabilia card are 1:20 packs. There are many 1/1s to chase and several cards under 10 copies each.

The He Shoots, He Saves Decoy/Redemption Card Program will be available once again. One redemption card will be included in each pack that does not contain a game-used memorabilia card. These extra-thick cards help deter pack searching and each comes with a value of one point. Collectors who accumulate 250 points will have the opportunity to redeem them for unique and limited game-used memorabilia cards which are not available in packs. Collectors have loved this program and continue to support it. We're thrilled to provide this special bonus for our collectors.

For the first time Between The Pipes will now include Made to Order cards. Lucky collectors will be able to put together their very own cards featuring their favourite Between The Pipes superstars.

Between The Pipes is not complete without a tribute to the enduring symbol of goaltending. Spectacular and always creative, Masked Men features the sport's unique goalie mask designs. All hockey fans love a great goalie mask.

Releasing on March 26, 2009, Between The Pipes will be quite limited, so don't delay in placing your order. Each box will contain 24 packs. Each pack will contain four cards plus one decoy or Game-Used Memorabilia card. Odds listed above for Autograph and Game-Used Memorabilia cards are for the entire production run and are not guaranteed in any individual box or cases.

This product is manufactured by In the Game and is not affiliated with, sponsored, endorsed or licensed by or connected to the National Hockey League or National Hockey League Players' Association.


12 - base (1 slot/per box)
6 - Masked Men (1 slot/2 boxes) - (1:18 so 2/3 slot)
1 - HSHS Points (all 12 boxes) - will be close if not over 250 for special card
30 - hits (jersey/auto/combo/MADE TO ORDER) - 2/3 box (Jersey 1:20; autos 1:16)
Any extra hits will be randomized

49 total slots - $24 first slot, $22 each after (will gladly ship int'l too)

Kelleys1 (OUT)
1 - 2 MikeDtonation (paid)
3 - 6 CoalTownCards (paid)
7 - 10 John91C (paid)
11 - 12 dallasstars29 (paid)
13 - 16 Scheidl (paid)
17 - 19 pskell02 (paid)
20 - 21 MikeDtonation (paid)
22 dallasstars29 (paid)
23 - 25 AnchorsAway (paid)
26 - 29 CoalTownCards (paid)
30 - 31 pskell02 (Paid)
32 - 35 John91C (paid)
36 - 40 HockeyJunkie (paid)
41 - 42 dallasstars29 (paid)
43 - 44 anchorsaway (paid)
45 - 46 CodyJM (paid)
47 - pskell02 (paid)
48 - 49 CoalTownCards (paid)
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