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It's funny that people are so opposed to blood on the cards. One the comments on the article asks "So blood equals glory?" I feel like this has been established as a fact in hockey. You hear about how players playing through pain, playing with stitches, etc., is the test of a 'real' hockey player. Even when I played hockey, I feel like you were honoured for playing through the bloody battles.

I guess my point is the fact that blood is a part of hockey that has been well established. Pretending that players don't get injured and bloody is kind of ignorant. I'm on the fence about whether fighting should be banned, the evidence linking fighting to degenerative brain conditions is pretty damning, but at the same time, I don't think it is such a terrible thing to acknowledge that fighting has historically been a pretty integral part of the game. Maybe if the cards haven't been printed just remove the blood that people are so opposed to? Obviously you don't want to offend the families of the players in the set, but the rest of the people who are commenting aren't the people that would buy this set in first place.
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