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I am going to close this on TUESDAY morning. Whatever boxes are COMPLETELY FULL - those are the boxes we will break. (If a box or two is NEARLY full - I will take the last spots to fill it myself.)

OP Updated!

Box #1 FULL
Box #2 FULL
Box #3 FULL
Box #4 FULL
Box #5 - 3 spots left
Box #6 - 9 spots left
Box #7 - 12 spots left
Box #8 - 15 spots left

Originally Posted by Brenman View Post
I'll take one team in box 6
Welcome to Blowout!

For those of you who do not know, Brenman has been in a few breaks and Pack Wars on my site. Also a member of the CFB club!

Originally Posted by cwbennett View Post
I will take the 9th slot in box 7 when do you need the payment?
I will post payment info after we go active. Be sure and subscribe to the thread!
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