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Default Griswold/ Rinkwraith Contest Entry #6 - PapaJim edition

Okay, so some may ask why Rinkwraith didn't change his logo in remembrance of one of our dearest members. A) I like my logo and B) I had this in mind so without further ado....entry #6 for my contest is dedicated to PapaJim.

Winner will be selected from all eligible entries by and the winner will move on to the winner's list to be randomed again to determine their ultimate prize.

So Clark told me that he has had some great coffee mugs in his life including his favorite Tazmanian devil mug featured in the movie. Clark said the mug was actually an old Christmas present which made him think;

Post a picture of your favorite crazy coffee mug you own or have been given as a Christmas gift (pic preferred but describe if you like)

Deadline is Wednesday 12/14 at 8pm.

Gentlemen, raise your mugs and salute.
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