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Default Fraudulent market manipulator - Modishobbies/Nnamdi21/Shaun Modissette

I held off writing this in its entirety until now. I had made a preliminary post that regarded this issue, but didn't want to go into too much detail as I referred to the above as a friend of mine. I don't like to call out friends of mine, but I do have a problem with people who manipulate the market on cards they own, which in turn makes sellers lose time and money. I felt that since it directly happened to me, and that I had 100% proof and knowledge of it, it was my responsibility to come clean with the info at hand.

Now that the above has not responded favorably via email, nor has he showed any remorse, or even offered me any way of a solution, whether it be cancel the sale, send me money for fees, I feel confident calling him out completely as the friend label has gone completely out the window.

Shaun Modissette, as hes better known as Nnamdi21 on Blowoutcards and modishobbies on eBay, shills up copies of items he owns to inflate the market value on these cards. The 2 names being used in the examples in this post are: modishobbies (his main seller name), and: mikeyswift (private). Note, this is NOT mike swift, this is Shaun's name that he made. I do not know why he picked it, but I'd assume its a jab at swift.

For me, this all started 12/4 when I went to check the sale of my McCutchen on eBay:

$346! yesssss - I have sold most of these at $200-250, including 8-10 of them to Shaun at this price. I cannot believe one just went for $346! wait.... 0 feedback? mikeyswift??? oh no who is this....? So I checked the winners address:
Shaun Modissette
xxxxxxxxxx (all 100% consistent with his real address)

God he f'd my auction.... but wait, now who is the 2nd highest bidder???? Modishobbies!??!?! Not only was the first high bid his, but so was the 2nd. The highest "real" bid was $255. (even that one is in question, that bidders name was welch8569, who bids $202, followed by modishobbies at $222, immediately followed by welch at $255 immediately followed by modishobbies again at $341.) -- Feel free to do research on that name as well, that guy buys Jordan stuff

So I checked other auctions won by Shaun under the "mikeyswift" name, and they were the following:
130598991779 Nov-08-11 Nov-13-11 18:16:20 US $610.00 Philip Rivers 2004 UD SP Authentic RC Patch Auto /299 his best Rookie card
290640041999 Nov-30-11 Dec-05-11 05:12:54 US $635.00 2008 Chris Johnson Exquisite Jersey/Auto #'d 75 BGS 9
310243461812 Aug-21-10 Dec-05-11 12:44:14 US $2,995.95 01 SP AUTHENTIC TIGER WOODS RC AUTO SPA /900 BGS 9.5 10

Also there was a Tom Brady Contenders Autograph /100. None of which he paid for. Everyone who knows Shaun and does any research on Nnamdi21 or modishobbies will see he has an abundance of Chris Johnson Exquisites, as well as the Phil Rivers 17/25 SPA RC Patch Gold, and Tiger Woods SPA's.

This is concrete proof of evidence of him manipulating the market on his own cards, and stiffing buyers with the fees and time it takes to relist and try to track him down to purchase these cards.

Glad you're making money Shaun, now hopefully you can open your eyes to the market and people are you are f'ing over and deceiving.

Thanks for your time

The card market has to be cleaned up. Also a Stafford Exquisite BGS 9 of mine was f'd up last night. I cannot stand for it anymore. So long as we let these people run rampant, we will get trampled over on their way to stealing money from us. Feel free to call more people out!
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