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Originally Posted by Bruvydsb View Post
Is this paid up yet?

Tiny rant - I will never understand why people join a break and are not prepared to paid immediately upon its going active. If the funds are not available, don't join.
Originally Posted by Prospect_Man View Post
cuz breaks dont fill in one day....some take up to 3 weeks.....dont understand why ppl get so crazy(as of late) in groups if all payments are not in within 24hrs or random isnt done within 1 hr of being completely paid.....everyone needs to chilll.....cases are on there way
Originally Posted by Bruvydsb View Post
I respectfully disagree (you should be ready to pay as soon as you agree to join the break) and will leave it at that. Good luck to all on random & break.
There are always things that can come up that our outside our control. A member may have the full intention of paying for the slots they sign up for but in the time it takes to go active, other things may come up.

I have no problem with people dropping out or needing an extra few days to pay. It's when I never hear back from people who have been online to see my PM's that pisses me off. We're all doing this to have fun and there is no fun in not letting someone join just because they can't pay for the slot today. I didn't even set a deadline for this break
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