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Originally Posted by tehchamp View Post
Everyone, the first thing I'll say is I apologize. Things in my personal life are causing a train wreck of sorts, and in the midst of it all, the number one thing, above all else, right now for me is making sure my baby girl is taken care of and that I am always there for her growing up. The baby, the move, and some personal rifts between me and my fiancee and family have caused things to sort of drift off in chaos and sadly I regret to say, it has caused me to focus on fixing those issues before getting everything straightened out with mailing the cards. All the base cards from all the months, all the hits from October and November are sitting in my closet still, I have not taken them and ran away.
So I apologize for letting this get out of hand, and I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused. I will make sure the cards will get shipped out Friday/Saturday.
That said, I am thinking of having January be the last month to accept payments, and February be our final break from the rollover money.
Currently there sits $1,600 in rollover money, and we have $1,350 price for Supreme in January. Figure an extra $80 or so to the rollover money from January, I'll bump it up to $1,700.

Deadline will be Friday, January 6th. By the end of the day.
Its tough Champ. I have 1 and 2 year old daughters so I feel for u. We moved into a bigger house after our first child and it was very stressfull. Good luck with all and Happy Holidays. Looking forward to our supreme break and the final (All Exquisite???)
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