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Originally Posted by RetailChamp View Post
I like fantasy hoops cause you can still get quality at that 23/24 spot. Smaller roster sizes make teams full of stars usually. I would love 1/2, cause I think LBJ and Durant are just miles ahead of everyone, but I can make any spot work
Definitely agree with you there, KD and LBJ are freaks of nature, and I think LBJ will do much better this season since it's his 2nd year in Miami and the pressure from last season should for the most part be off his shoulders.

There's plenty of talent to be had around 23 and 24, but since you pick so early you're sitting around watching everyone else pick, trying to think of who you might want at 23 or 24, and by then the guys you had targeted are gone. It's the worst when you have a short list of who you want, and in the 5 or so picks before yours, all of them are picked leaving you to make a last second decision based on the evaluations you can make in the 1:30 you have to make a selection.

Like you said though, you have to make it work
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