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Question what do you think, my first 1/1?

So I just thought I would keep this thread going instead of starting a new one.... Was bored yesterday watching football so I tried my hand on another sketch card.... Rodgers. What do you think? (I got some good drawing board and cut it down on our sheet-metal sheer allowing for more detail and darker blacks/grays Vs. using a blank/dummy from packs.)
...looks way better in person, there's no glare from the graphite.

OLD Part of thread.....
Ok so the only way I can afford a 1/1 is to make it .

This is my first attempt at a sketch card and was wondering what you guys thought?

please use poll to rate from 1 to 10

Also I have some questions if you would be kind enough to answer them for me.

1. do you hate sketch cards?
2. If you dont hate sketch cards do you prefer color?
3. think I could get 10 bucks for this?
4. do you prefer legends or veterns/stars?
5. would condition of a sketch up card matter to you if you bought one?

The (line) quality isn't the best due to doing this on a soft blank, in the future if I do anymore of these I bought some nice hard multimedia/drawing board to do them on. That should help the shadows be darker and the card to have a less textured look, and also allow me to do a lot more detail.

Thanks for the feedback, good or bad in advance.
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