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I like it a lot. Great work!

1) I don't hate sketch cards, but on the other hand I wouldn't pay too much for one either.
2) I personally like the BW, especially on a old school coach like Lombardi.
3) I think you could get $10-$25 on it. Just market it correctly as a custom to avoid any neg feedback from people thinking it's licensed.
4) Vets/Stars/Retired are all equal in my mind, go with the 'player of the week' if you're looking to make $.
5) If I spent money on one, condition definitely would matter. The card stock would matter too.

Good luck and again, excellent artwork! To make it more legit, perhaps print a sticker on back stating who it is, when it was drawn, the fact that it's a 1/1 and a space for you to sign as the artist? I think a 'printed' element on back would help it's value vs just a plain white back.

UPDATE: I agree with Grid's comment below and think it would be best printed on a sticker or something 'official' on back.
If you care to try a custom of Rodgers with a pic from one of their Throwback Retro uniform games I'd be interested.
Always looking for ANYTHING Aaron Rodgers!!! (especially oddball items)
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