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so far feedback has been very helpful! keep it coming. I am a perfectionist (by nature/nurture, still unsure) and every comment is being absorbed and stored for future use hopefully I can do better in the future with the help you guys are giving me!

I had seen Q's sketch cards on ebay and that is where I got the idea, and decided to give it a shot. I tried to contact Q to have some Dialogue about his experiences and not step on his toes but apparently he wasn't interested in talking.

"What a jerk! Now this "official" poll will forever be tainted!", lol, the poll was just for me to compare where I thought I was at to what you guys think, not to get a bunch of high marks to stroke my ego or get a bunch of low marks and feel attacked.

As per normal I am way more critical of my work then the general public, no shocker there. I get yelled at monthly by my boss/fiance for trying to hold co-workers to my standards, or too high of standards.

Again thanks for the feedback everybody, and future posters please respond to #1-#4 if you can/have time.
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