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Default Early 2012 MLB Bold Prediction Thread

Okay, I know it's early, but I want to know THREE bold predictions for the 2012 MLB season. Put them in list form (as shown below) and I'll add your's to the original post. Then, at the end of the season, I'll bump this thread, and see who made correct predictions and who's were just flat-out wrong. They could be regarding teams making the playoffs, player stats, etc.
List Form:
1) [insert first prediction here]

2) [insert 2nd prediction]

3) [same as before]

EDIT (11/15/2012): Okay, now that the 2012 MLB Season has come to a close and all awards have been announced, I am bumping this thread. Right below this, in the original post, you will see everyone's bold predictions for this past season, which were made before it started. Some were good, some were bad. See for yourself:

Here's everyone's predictions
robertr1105 (me)
1) Grady Sizemore hits .300/30 HR
2) Cliff Lee has an awful year
3) Marlins finish 4th in the NL East (only ahead of NYM)
1) Bryce Harper makes the team out of Spring Training.
2) Bryce Harper Wins NL ROY
3) Bryce Harper Wins NL MVP
1) yanks win WS
2) Mariners lose Al West
3) phillies win NL
1) Matt Moore wins AL ROY
2) Rays are Wild card
3) Rays win WS
1) Pirates win the Central
2) Angels miss the Playoffs
3) Strasburg wins 16 games
1) Bryce Harper makes the team out of Spring Training.
2) Bryce Harper Wins NL ROY
3) Bryce Harper Wins NL MVP
1) Bryce Harper does NOT make team out of Spring Training
2) Tampa Bay Rays make the playoffs and Angels miss the playoffs
3) Kansas City wins the AL Central
1) Houston Astros win the world series.
2) Bryce Harper gets traded to Japan.
3) Stephen Strasburg retires.
1) yankees don't lose a game all season
2) bryce harper hits 100 HR's for the nats
3) mariners win a game
1) STL Cardinals prevail to make playoffs & advance to NLCS despite loss of AJP
2) Yoeniess Cespedes & Yu Darvish make big runs at their respective ROY/MVP awards
3) Albert Pujols hits 50 HR for first time, Fielder hits 60
1) Mariners have a winning record (quite frankly you can't get anymore bold than that)
2) Nationals win the nl east
3) Miguel Cabrera gets alcohol poisoning (probably not that bold)
1) Kershaw wins CY again
2) Dodgers make playoffs
3) Phillies beat Angels win WS
1) Matt Moore pitches well enough to win AL ROY but loses to a dark horse
2) Bryce Harper doesn't win any awards, but the media still anoint him Boy With the Golden Balls
3) There will be more talk about the Angels and Clippers than the Marlins/Heat
The Chad
1) Carlos Zambrano ends up in pinstripes by years end
2) Mets lose over 100 games
3) CJ Wilson wins AL CY Young
1) Phillies win 115 games
2) Marlins finish 4th in the east
3) Phillies lose nlds to Giants
1) Cardinals win WS and win 3 in a row
2) Pujols gets deported
3) Carlos Zambrano gets diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes
1) Rangers win Wild Card
2) Swingin' A's win the West
3) Hunter Pence wins NL MVP
1) Red Sox win AL East
2) Ellsbury wins MVP
3) Lester wins Cy Young
C&M Sports Memorabil
1) Royals win the central
2) Strasburg wins 20 and the CY
3) Pujols is found to use HGH
1) Twins win the AL Central
2) Yankees miss the playoffs
3) Cubs do not win the World Series, again.
1) Strasburg wins NL CY YOUNG
2) Jermey Hellickson wins AL CY YOUNG
3) Julio Teheran wins NL ROY
1) The Angels finish UNDER .500
2) Yu Darvish wins ROY for the Blue Jays
3) Verlander has an ERA over 3.49
1) pirates win the central
2) Strasburg blows his arm out
3) bryce harper wins ROY
1) Fielder goes to the Cubs and they are still terrible
2) Pujols adds an American League MVP
3) Braun does not sit out 50 games this year
1) Bryce Harper tears hamstring out for one year
2) A's lose a lot <----- SUPER BOLD
3) Angels lose to Rangers in AL west!
1) Adrian Gonzalez wins AL MVP
2) Marlins wins the NL East
3) Stankees don't make the playoffs
1) Tyler Pastornicky wins SS job for Braves and wins NL ROY
2) Braves win East
3) Albert Pujols struggles in AL with new team/ environment and has 1st career bad season
1) Harper makes team out of Spring Training, but will be back in the minors by the end of the first month.
2) Angels become the Heat of MLB and will NOT win the WS this year.
3) Neftali Feliz wins at least 15 games as a starter and becomes the ace of the Rangers staff.
1) Cubs finish first or second (to reds) since the cardinals don't have pujols and Braun will most likely miss 50 games
2) White Sox Will BLOW
3) Harper gets called up early to mid season and him and strasburg carry the team to a tight neck to neck race against the Marlins
1) Ryan Braun wins his appeal.
2) No one hits 40 home runs next season, year of the pitcher part II
3) Marlins All-Star team struggles to gel, gets in as wild card #5 on the last day of the season, beats the San Francisco Giants in the play in game, the Los Angeles Dodgers in the divisional playoff, the Pittsburgh Pirates in the NLCS and then the Texas Rangers in the World Series... then they start trading everyone, again.
1) The Nationals make it to the playoffs.
2) Tulowitzki wins NL MVP!!
3) Yu Darvish wins ROY.
1) Desmond Jennings steals 60 Bases and hits 20 HR's (Fantasy Gold!)
2) Craig Kimbrel loses the Closer's role to Johnny Venters as the Braves finish Third in the NL East
3) Sonny Gray emerges as the best player in the 2011 Draft as he comes up after the All Star Break and goes 8-5 with a 2.79 ERA in the Majors
1) Harper goes 2 for 2 in his first spring training game causing his cards to triple in price.
2) Blue Jays win the AL East led by darvish and prince fielder.
3) At least one major star will fail a drug test.
1) Tyler Skaggs wins NL ROY
2) Justin Upton wins NL MVP
3) Joe Mauer plays in 140+ games
1) Teheran wins NL ROY
2) Braves win World Series
3) Harper doesnt hit over .250 in the majors
1) Mike Stanton hits 50 Home Runs
2) Brandon Beachy finishes in top 4 Cy Young voting in NL
3) Justin Upton wins NL MVP
1) dan haren wins the cy young
2) Mike Stanton hits 50 HRs
3) Angels win AL pennant
4) Joey votto traded at july deadline
5) eric hosmer is top 3 in al mvp balloting
1) two batters will come very close to .400 avg on the season, one will achieve it!
2) cubs DOMINATE
3) lincecum wins 20 games as a personal record and wins nl cy young, then gets scooped up by the yankees or phillies in his first year of free agency.
1) Jeter retires after this year
2) Yankees win WS (and break single season win record)
3) Another stud tests positive for HGH
1) Marlins don't make the postseason despite their roster
2) Jenny Finch throws a no-no at the celeb all-star game
3) Topps manages not to screw up Museum Collection. I mean Marquee. I mean ...
1) Adam Dunn wins AL Comeback Player of The Year
2) Bryce Harper misses significant time with an injury
3) Marlins make the playoffs but get swept in the first round
1) Pujols finishes season with a BA under .270
2) Bryce Harper hits 20+ HRs
3) Giants win NL
1) Kemp wins 2011 MVP
2) Harper gets Sept. call-up (not opening day)
3) Nats win WS in 5 games over Rox
1) Angels miss the playoffs
2) Padres make the playoffs
3) Harper hits .260ish, 12ish HR and 40ish RBI.
1) Harper hits at least .310 in the majors
2) I pull a Lou Gehrig cut auto
3) Yankees and Angels in the ALCS, WS is Yankees and Marlins
1) Mike Stanton leads Majors in home runs
2) Matt Moore wins AL ROY
3) Eric Hosmer wins AL MVP
1) The Marlins do not make the playoffs
2) Bryce Harper does not make the team out of spring training then is busted with a tranny hooker making a snuff film
3) Jonathan Papelbon has fewer saves than the Red Sox closer
1) Derek Jeter gives another duplicate gift basket, misses three weeks after getting kicked in the junk
2) Albert Pujols spends 5 weeks on DL when he slips and breaks his leg while jumping on his bed covered in all of his money
3) Red Sox miss the postseason. AGAIN.
1) Angels miss the playoffs
2) Mike Stanton hits 45 Home Runs
3) Tyler Skaggs wins NL ROY
1) Red Sox beat the Cubs in the WS.
2) Harper gets called up in June, goes on to hit .290, 25HR, 60RBI
3) Kemp goes 50/50
1) Indians win WS
2) Masterson wins Cy Young
3) Travis Hafner will not have shoulder problems and will hit 20+ HR
1) Yet another Ozzie Gullien rant will get more attention than it is deserved by ESPN.
2) The Angels will fall to the Cards in the WS.
3) Kirk Gibson will put himself in as a pinch hitter for the Diamondbacks in a playoff game and hit a game winning homerun.
1) Mike Stanton Hits 50 HR's
2) Addison Reed Wins AL ROY
3) Dee Gordon & Dustin Ackley Hits For .300
1) Braves win NL East
2) Julio Teheran wins NL ROY
3) Kimbrel blows game 7 of world series
1) Neither the Yankees or Red Sox will make the playoffs
2) Ron Washington will break an appendage doing a dance or celebrating in the dugout
3) The Evan Longoria Super AUTO will be found.
1) Dee Gordon will lead the NL in SBs
2) Harper will struggle at the plate, suffer minor injuries during a less than impressive season but show promise in September as the Nationals miss the playoffs. .270/13 HR/41 RBI/5 SB
3) Yankees miss playoffs!
1) Royals win the AL Central
2) Pujols goes on 60 day DL within first 2 weeks of season
3) NL Cy Young winner will come from nowhere
1) Bobby V does not last the season.
2) The Rays finish dead last in attendance but have a fantastic season that any other fan base would be proud of.
3) Bryce Harper goes the way of Kevin Maas. (One could only hope, right?)
1) Jays make it to the post season and I get to go to one of the games
2) Pujols plays only plays 80 games
3) Ozzie and/or Ron Washington gets fired

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